Outline for GVSU Tech Symposium


I promised I would send you some thoughts about the Tech Symposium keynote before we meet on Monday, and that's what this email is for. The title of the talk is "How can technology extend the humanity of learners? A dialogue" and I think what I'd like to see is the two of us asking each other questions that address the larger question in the title. The more I worked on an outline for the talk the less it seemed like an outline was really the right tool for the job. So below I have a list of questions that are given, all of which get at the larger question in the title, in the order in which they could be asked. I can see us taking turns asking each other these questions and giving answers and back-and-forth on these.

Anyway I hope you can see where I am going with this -- we ask each other questions that leads through a discussion of what it means to be human and a learner, what our pedagogy looks like once it clicks with us that students are human and therefore have the capacity to learn, and what distinguishes uses of technology that work for students versus those that do not work for students.

I'm not married to all this structure here but it's a first draft. Let me know what you think and I look forward to hashing more of this out on Monday.