Learning Objectives for MTH 325: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science 2

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MTH 325 Learning Objectives in order of appearance

Chapter 8: Relations

8.1: Relations and their properties

8.3: Representing Relations

Note: Objective M.1 from Section 8.1 will be assessed using different representations of relations.

8.4: Closures of Relations

8.5: Equivalence Relations

8.6 Partial Orderings

Chapter 9: Graphs

9.1: Graphs and Graph Models

9.2: Graph Terminology and Special Kinds of Graphs

9.3: Representing Graphs and Graph Isomorphism

9.4: Connectivity

9.5: Euler and Hamilton Paths

9.6: Shortest-Path Problems

9.7: Planar Graphs

9.8: Graph Coloring

Chapter 10: Trees

10.1: Introduction to Trees

10.2: Applications of Trees

10.3: Tree Traversal

10.4: Spanning Trees

10.5: Minimum Spanning Trees

MTH 325 Learning Objectives by type

Concept Check (CC) objectives

Module (M) Objectives

CORE Module (CORE-M) Objectives

This is a subset of the M Objectives. These will be assessed both in Learning Modules and in timed assessments. There are 20 of these.